Subhash Arya Ji – My Teacher, My Hero, My Elder Brother

On this day, 30th October in 1883, Arya Samaj lost it’s creator, mentor and source of inspiration, Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati. Today on the same unfortunate day, we lost our own Dayananda, Subhash Arya Ji. He was one true believer in Maharishi’s teachings and devoted his life to live like him. Inspired many people in and around Jhajjar to follow Vedic philosophy and practice Yog as way of life. Today our eyes are wet, and hearts are filled with pain. But as he used to tell us, “Soul is forever”, we will remember him in our hearts.

His life was an inspiration. He spent his entire life to show us the path that we can use to attain ultimate happiness. He was always filled with love and warmth for others. He sacrificed and devoted his entire life towards others. We always to read in books about other social reformers like Dayanand Saraswati, Raja Ram Mohan Rai, etc. I could never understand what those people were like in personal life. But because of Subhash bhai ji, we got to know what great social reformers looks like. The amount of personal sacrifices one has to make in order to make sure others have a good life. I hope we can walk on that path without him, and make his sacrifices worth.

We all will miss you and your pleasing aura around us.

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